Youth Flag Football Plays

Looking for Youth Flag Football Plays? Are you ready to increase your teams performance and win more games?  Below are several youth flag football plays that will get you in the end zone every times.  Though these are 5 man plays, you can easily add or subtract players and still make this work for any league type.

“Silly Sammy Circle”

Silly Sammy Circle

Silly Sammy Circle

If you run this properly, it’s a GUARANTEED touchdown (even for the slower kids).

The Quarterback (QB) takes the snap and fakes a “cross” handoff to the running back (red).  The QB does so with his back to the defense and the ball close to his body (hiding the ball).  The running back (red) ducks as if he has the ball and runs to his left.  After quietly counting to “2 alligator”, the center (yellow) sneaks around, gets the ball from the QB and it’s off to the end zone.  Save this for your kids that are “athletically-challenged”, lack confidence or are new to the game.  This will forever boost their confidence when they find themselves alone in the end zone.

“Fake Reverse Pass”

Fake Reverse - Pass

Fake Reverse - Pass

The QB takes the snap, rolls out and fakes the ball to the running back (red).   This action will pull the defense in close, but also to the left side of the field (thinking it’s a common reverse).

The wide receiver (blue) should be all alone downfield for an easy pass.  Remind the QB that a good fake to the running back (red) is critical for the play to work properly.
Also remind the QB to take his time and make an accurate throw.  The wide receiver is going to be so wide open, it’s going to scare him.  Make sure the wide receiver (blue) runs a crisp “out-n-up” route.


This is a classic misdirection play.

The QB (green) takes the snap and runs what looks like an “option right”.



The QB and the half back (red) are running together and the QB acts like he is trying to hand the ball off to the running back (red).  At the last second, and once he has reached the wide receiver (blue), the QB pulls the ball out of the running backs “gut”, switches the ball to the other side, and hands it to blue.  The wide receiver (blue) should not move, until he has the ball.



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