Free Flag Football Plays

Want quality Free Flag Football Plays? Check out these awesome plays and improve your team’s performance. These are great plays that really work. Implement them into your offense now and score those crucial touchdowns!

Split Back Cross

Split Back Cross

“Split Back Cross”
The idea of this play is to distract the defense by crossing players in the back field. Red (Right RB) and Orange (Left RB) line up split side to side approximately 5 yards from the line of scrimmage. On the snap Orange crosses to the right immediately, then followed by Red to the left. Green (QB) will rotate to the left, sticking the ball into Red’s belly.

Triple Hitch Go

Triple Hitch Go

“Triple Hitch Go”
This play’s concept is to attack underneath zones by running multiple hitch routes. But at the same time having one player run a Go route hoping for the safety to bite onto the hitch route leaving him alone in the secondary for an easy 6 points. In this one Orange (Left WR) Yellow (Center) and Blue (Right WR) run the hitches while Red (Slot WR) runs the Go.



This play is designed to be played against a “man” defense, due to the several different types of routes ran by each player.  Yellow (Center) runs a flat right. Orange (Left WR) runs a slant left. Red (Slot WR) runs a Go and Blue (Right WR) runs a hitch. Most likely there will be a mismatch and a WR will break open.

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