Flag Football Trick Plays

In search of great Flag Football Trick Plays? Look no further. Below are several trick plays that will leave the defense feeling foolish. Trick plays are a fun way to move the ball and increase team confidence and morale.

Wild Cat Reverse

Wild Cat Reverse

“Wild Cat Reverse”
With the Wild Cat Offense becoming popular at the collegiate and professional level, no wonder youth coaches wouldn’t want to use it too. In this play Green (QB) will line up off set to the left of Yellow (Center) and then take a running start past Yellow to the right side of the field. Yellow will then snap the ball while Green is in full sprint. Green will take all the momentum with him and then at the last second pitch the ball to Red (RB) who is coming full speed to the left side of the field. This will catch defenses off guard and will gain you positive yards. A must need in any Wild Cat flag football play book.

Double Pass

Double Pass

“Double Pass”
A popular trick play used by many coaches at all levels. The basic idea of this play is to sell the short pass then bomb it out deep for a touchdown. This is a for sure TD if the safety bites on the screen.  The first part of this play is to get the ball out quickly on a screen pass to Orange (Left WR). You must make sure this pass is behind the line of scrimmage! Wait for the defense to attack the ball carrier, then Orange will launch the ball down field to Red (RB) coming in with a deep post. TD!

Classic Reverse

Classic Reverse

“Classic Reverse”
Everybody loves watching the classic reverse executed perfectly. One of the oldest, yet most effective trick plays in the book. In this play Green (QB) will come under center, take the snap and then turn to his right and looks for Blue (Right WR) coming around in to the back field. Green will then pitch it out to Blue. Blue will take the ball deep in then middle of the back field and then pitch it to Orange (Left WR) who is wrapping around running to the  left side. Orange then takes the ball and burns it up the side line for an easy 6 points.

Double End Around

“Double End Around”
This is the best trick plays there is for confusing the defense on the whereabouts of the ball. The main idea on this play is conceal the ball from the defense and at the last second giving it to a player for an end zone visit.  Green (QB) lines up in shotgun. He take the snap and then turns his back to the defense, hiding the ball. Red (RB) and Orange (Left WR) at the same time will run in front of Green’s face. Green will then fake to Red and then stick it to Orange’s bread basket.

To see a whole assortment of trick plays, visit our play database at: http://www.flagfootballstrategies.com/


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